Why Linux VPS Hosting is the Best Solution for Businesses?

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Why is Linux VPS Hosting the Best Solution for Businesses?
Linux is a favourite platform among individuals and businesses as well due to its reliability, performance and flexibility. Being open source platform, it supports many free open source apps and thousands of applications and add-ons can be installed at no cost. Due to all these features, Linux VPS Hosting is working as “wish come true” for many businesses. It is a virtual server machine running on Linux operating system. This type of hosting has isolated server environment created after dividing physical server into various virtual servers and each server has its own share of dedicated resources like CPU, HDD Space and Memory. It is great choice for any kind of business.

There are many reasons why it is first choice of hosting and few of them are scoped out for you, which are given below:

1. Enhanced Security
Linux VPS Hosting is renowned for its high security and will not disappoint you. It has many strong layers of protection and ensures that business is secured from online threats. Malicious viruses and malware can’t penetrate the defence of Linux. Moreover, it provides allocated server space which is independent of other users thus ensures security.

2. User Friendly and high performance
User friendly is a main factor that many business look out for while choosing web hosting. Linux VPS Hosting ticks this feature. Additionally, its servers are highly stable and can handle volumes of applications. In addition to this, it also provides satisfying uptimes for users.

3. Improved Reliability
Due to dedicated resources like CPU, RAM and HDD Space, Linux VPS Hosting is more reliable and stable without any overload. The VMs are dependent on high performance SAS Disks, due to which access is 6 times faster when compared to normal virtualization solution.

4. Scalability
Nobody wants their business to become stagnant, thus everybody strives to grow business and have more customers. More customers mean more traffic and this all indicates that server has to work harder and use more resources. With Linux VPS hosting, every website is allocated large amount of resources. It adjusts resources in real time automatically without having to reboot server.

5. Lower cost of ownership
Linux is free so you don’t have to pay any license fees every month. This will make sure that you can save big in the long run. Due to array of applications on Linux, including Joomla, WordPress and other open source tools, anyone can use it host company website.

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In the nutshell, there are various other features as well such as bandwidth and server space allocated by this hosting. If you get lot of traffic on your website and want to enhance business’s profits, choose Hello2Hosting to switch to Linux VPS Hosting today!