Things to Consider Before Choosing Advanced Linux or Windows Hosting

If you want to make your own website and take advantage of Internet boom, then possibility is that you might have many questions running in your mind. Like most things, making decision on which web hosting company and plan to choose. All the companies in hosting domain are promising to have 99% uptime, knowledgeable support and unlimited resources. But there has to be way to cut through the jargon and make wise decision. If you are aware of features that you are looking for, it will be quite easy for you to choose web hosting services.

Advance Window Hosting

Though there are various types of web hosting options to choose from such as Basic Hosting, VPS hosting, et al., but Advanced Hosting is preferred choice of many businesses. It is best solution if website is experiencing high traffic. A trusted name in web hosting industry- Hello2Hosting provides this hosting in Linux and Windows Hosting. Whether you choose Advanced Linux or Advanced Windows, both have their own benefits. To help you to decide best option for you, here are few tips that you must consider.

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Advanced Windows Hosting is popular due to actions done for businesses on internet. It has powerful end-to-end management, scalability, features and reliability. Linux Hosting is suitable hosting for companies due to its best performance. There are myriad of technical things to keep in mind before paying for it.

1. Security: Without any doubt, Linux servers are capable of managing various users and processes simultaneously. This facility ensures that tasks are done by root/ admin users and this adds to server security. But as the internet use is increasing so are the news of hacks. No one wants to visit website, where personal information is on stake. To avoid that make sure that the hosting plan which you use do provide vulnerability scanner. This will assure that website is not compromised and visitors can browse without any hassle.

2. Databases, domains and disk space: Both the operating systems are good choice for web developers who want to configure Apache web server, use Perl, PHP, or Python to develop with MySQL database. Make sure that your hosting plan allows you to install database.

3. Pricing: All web host providers have different price for different plan. Make sure that you are getting all the required resources in reasonable price.

4. Control Panel: All hosting companies provide ways to manage hosting like Plesk, WHM, cPanel. It is not big deciding factor, but it is very helpful in long run. Windows have Plesk control panel which offers same benefits of cPanel.

In the nutshell, both, Advanced Linux or Windows hosting, have strengths of their own. While choosing any of these hosting, it is mandatory to check what you will get in that price. In Advanced hosting, Hello2Hosting provides cPanel and Plesk panel for every domain, unlimited traffic, unlimited space, all time support and more.