Server Bogged Down? Use Hardware Offload

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Are you suffer from server slow down or bogged down and you feel it can be accelerated with any dedicated device which can reduce CPU utilization, then you are doing “hardware offloading” or “computation offload.”

Lets Know what is Hardware Offloading

In modern machines, computation power is a main resource that almost machines or servers difficult to keep pace with. Whether you are computing complex tasks or just dealing with a high volume of traffic, the performance of your hardware depends on how much computing power is available. The concept of hardware offload involves the use of dedicated hardware to handle specific system functions. These hardware devices typically work in joining with the server or machine hardware and its perform as supplement device, Like this external hard drive can be used to offload data onto a dedicated hardware device.

But External hard drive not offloading processing power just offload the data from that machine. To achieve this, computationally demanding tasks can sometimes be performed by a dedicated hardware device, thus it minimize the processing burden or CPU or other resources in machine.

Lets discuss Current Hardware Offloading Examples

In this article we will discuss about mainly three examples of hardware offloading for our servers or distribute the computation workload below.

  • Grid Computing
  • Graphics Card
  • Cloud Computing
  1. Grid Computing:

    Its least used of hardware offload process.  In  grid computing, use more than one or many machines tied in a common network and act like a super computer that can rapidly analyze and process vast amounts of data. This technique reduce the time taken for computations and reduces the overall demand on system resources.

  2. Graphics Card:

    Almost modern machines come with built-in graphics capabilities by default, some users choose to install a graphics card. This minimize graphics rendering and other system tasks from the machine CPU to the GPU, thus CPU is now free for handle other processes. Graphics cards are used for tasks such as gaming, video editing, cryptocurrency mining, and much more.

  3. Cloud Computing:

    Cloud ComputingCloud computing is the most common example of hardware offloading which distributes the execution process. it is possible to distribute the computational workload of a given machine among multiple networked computers. This solves the problem of over burden of system tasks on single machine, making it useful for large scale and computationally-demanding projects .

Now it’s clear that using hardware offload or computational offload we can enhance or increase the performance of Server using dedicated devices.