Know about CMS Hosting

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In this we will explain all about CMS Hosting which will help you to decide if it is right choice for you.

First Know about what is CMS

CMS(content management system) an already built-up tool which helps you to design and manage website or portal for your business or you can use it for your individual bloggings.

There are many types of CMS present in market but we will explain here the most popular CMS according to their categories and all about their hosting which hello2hosting provides.

  • WordPress CMS Hosting
  • Drupal CMS Hosting
  • Joomla CMS Hosting
  • Magento CMS Hosting

WordPress CMS Hosting:

WordPress is a powerful CMS in which you can develop any types of websites. 70% CMS websites in world powered by this powerful CMS. Hello2Hosting provides WordPress and all other CMS hosting in very good price .

Drupal/Joomla CMS Hosting:

Both CMS are used for creating websites for your business, product or blogs. These mainly uses for blogging.

Magento CMS Hosting:

Magento CMS is most powerful and popular CMS for ecommerce websites its dedicated for ecommerce purpose.


Benefits of our CMS Hosting

  1. Ready to use: There will no any need to install script or create database on client side. Client will get ready to use CMS on their domain.
  2. Speed: In shared hosting, it will be running dozens of content management systems (CMSs) to power hundreds of websites. Having all of these different systems loaded can slow down the performance. But in case of CMS Specific server is powers only that CMS and only one type of CMS loaded on the server. That means server configured specifically for that CMS. This can result in faster speed.
  3. Security: By focusing on CMS, your hosting company can ensure that all of the CMS-specific threats are taken into consideration. You will be safe from that type of threats.