Windows or Linux: Which One is best for Cloud Hosting?

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Windows or Linux: Which One is best for Cloud Hosting?

When you think to go for cloud hosting, the first question that arises is: should you opt for Linux or Windows? To decide which operating system to choose for hosting becomes difficult for beginners who are not aware of difference between the two. The difference between these operating systems is calculated on performance and other fundamentals divisions. Here’s comparison of both these operating systems to help you choose better:

1. Stability and Availability
Both Windows and Linux are at same level when it comes to stability. When it comes to any hardware failure, both the operating systems can be moved to next available resource without any downtime. To ensure best performance and experience, Hello2Hosting is committed to give you 100% uptime always.

2. Compatibility
For many businesses, selecting OS largely depends on applications they need to run. If you need to run software that only works with either Linux or Windows, then you might have already made mind which OS to choose. But, there are lot of popular software which are compatible across both operating systems, so you have to find optimum solution for this. For example, what programming language is preferred software based on? For example, PHP can be used on both OSes but performs better with Linux.

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3. Cost of ownership
Generally, business wants high reliability in affordable cost. While Linux is free OS, but one has to pay for resources to run any program. Additionally, client has to pay for paid subscriptions such as Redhat, Suse or Oracle and high-end copy of Linux for data-centre because free version won’t meet your needs. This clearly indicates that both Linux and Windows come at a cost to business. However, Linux is more affordable than Windows.

4. Data-centre equipment requirements
Equipments required for Linux are not as high as for Windows. Hello2Hosting allows to run both VPS copies with 512MB of RAM and 1 Core processor.

5. Data protection
Security is an important topic in all domains. Windows OS is more vulnerable to attack hence Hello2Hosting provides FMS (Facility Management Services) with patches and hot-fixes on regular intervals. All this ensures that OS and data are secure and you can focus on your business. Additionally, Hello2Hosting’s data centres are hosted with Tier3+, Carrier Natural Bandwidth, ISO 27001:2015, PCI-DSS and many more compliance, hence you stay secure always.

In the end, your choice of operating system depends on above given points. At Hello2Hosting, we offer range of cloud hosting services at affordable price. Select cloud hosting service as per your requirement, get best experience and grow your business. If you are still not sure which option is right for you, get in touch with our experts. Call today 1800-102-2530.