Top 7 Benefits of Cloud Hosting That May Change Your Perspective

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‘Moving to cloud’ is a buzzword and gaining prominence day by day. It has created a technology revolution for businesses offering array of capabilities. The main aim of perspiring businesses in today’s world is to achieve maximum profitability in terms of cost-savings and maximum utilization of resources. And, cloud hosting ticks all these features. It means simply migrating data, email, application or software to cloud hosting and is accessible from anywhere from the globe. Few examples from our daily lives are Google Drive, reading books from Kindle and more. There are numerous benefits for cloud hosting adoption and here’s run down of these benefits:

Cloud Hosting Benefits

1. High Server Uptime
Server uptime is directly proportional to website’s performance. This hosting provides maximum uptime and guarantees no point for downtime. Being the system of interconnected servers, if at any point one server is unable to take request then another server out of various servers will tackle with the workload.

2. Pay for Resources According to Needs
In traditional hosting, client has to pay fixed amount for the services whether he utilize them or not. Cloud hosting is best option in this case because client needs to pay for the resources as per requirement. There no need to worry about capital expenditure because you will have to pay for resources which you actually use.

3. Increased Security
In traditional hosting, one needs to share resources and CPU with other websites on same server which don’t assure any security. Another option to secure information is to get private dedicated server but will cost high. Here’s where cloud hosting comes into picture. It secures data at various levels – network, application, data and physical security. Additionally, providers also ensure data safety through proper data isolation, customer’s identity and encrypted solutions.

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4. Scalability of Resources
One of the notable benefits is scalability, means its ability to be scaled up or down to handle the server load at any particular time. It allows websites to add or reduce resources such as RAM, storage, bandwidth, etc. which are maintained by multiple servers.

5. Independent of Location
Location of server plays a major role in website loading speed, so while choosing traditional hosting server one need to be specific. Cloud hosting eliminates this point as its servers are present across the world. These servers are accessible from any corner of the world with any handheld device or PC.

6. Use of Latest Technologies
Cloud Hosting uses latest technologies and allows customizing and integrating software applications as per your requirements.

7. Environment Friendly
Cloud servers are utilized up to full capacity which decreases idle time thus saves energy. It also eliminates need of managing in house servers and reduces carbon emission.

To conclude, now-a-days, hosting services can detect which server is close to given user and minimize delays and page loading times. It is hard to understand why companies are still spending large amount of money on in-house servers and going through hassle of maintenance when Cloud hosting is serving best facilities.