Why Linux Operating System is Popular among Hackers

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Why Linux Operating System is Popular among Hackers

Linux is an open source operating system which is developing day by day. No doubt, other operating systems are more user-friendly, but it has amazing features that make it more popular than others. Due to its array of features, hackers are also attracted to this OS. Below given are various reasons which make this operating system popular among hackers:

1. Enhanced Controls
Superior granularity of Linux enables users to gain robust control over systems. Hackers can control every aspect of Linux OS, whether it is at micro level or macro level. If talking about Windows, hackers are able to control to extent as permitted by Microsoft. In Linux, everything can be controlled by terminal.

2. Command Line Interface
Linux was designed with strong and highly integrated command line interface. This allows hackers a greater control and access on system with awesome customization. This is main reason why most of hacking tools are built into Linux.

3. Easy to Customize
It is preferred choice of hackers because of its lightweight and enhanced portability features. Creating live and customized boot drives is extremely easy with Linux for booting system on different devices as required. Its superiority is also commendable in terms of overall security.

4. Open Source
These days, more and more codes are being written in Windows due to higher popularity, since it is used by number of users. But Windows based systems are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here things work in favour of Linux. Since Linux is an open source distribution so code manipulation can be done easily. Easy customization of an operating system allows hackers to use it the way they like. If hacker can manipulate operating system, he can’t break into it.

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5. Most of Hacking Tools are Written for Linux
Many popular hacking tools such as Nmap and Metasploit are for Windows as well Linux. But, all the capabilities are not transferred from Linux. Linux has better tools and manages memory in a better way.

6. No Need of Drivers
There is no need for separate drivers as all the required drivers are integrated in Linux Kernel. In simple terms, you don’t require CDs anymore to install drivers for hardware.

On the ending note, one has to analyse things from perspective of hackers in order to understand this topic more deeply. It is popular among developers community because it is open source. This makes it preferred choice of hacking community.