Dedicated Server Solutions for Business and Enterprises

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Dedicated Server Solutions for Business and Enterprises

Dedicated servers are completely leased by web hosting company to online internet marketers and the organizations without sharing the server’s space and IP address with other users. A website that hosted on dedicated servers might have access of entire website and can manage configuration and enhance security. As dedicated web hosting server serves advance features and protection, so it may cost high.

Business or enterprise should be ensuring that the actual requirement initially when choosing dedicated server. At Hello2Hosting you can see the reason why customers need to choose their own dedicated hosting server platform, these are:

  1. High Performance
  2. Complete Control on Host
  3. High Protection
  4. Server Bandwidth

Server Performance –

Performance of hosting is becoming primary factor and customers need to verify before going to avail any hosting plan of dedicated server. The server is the brain of website and application that manage all the critical elements of hosted web and applications. The customers must be aware about server’s uptime, network uptime, infrastructure uptime, hardware performance, and server load time, requests per second, average response times, peak response times, CPU utilization, etc. for those who are looking to buy for their application or website.

Control on Server

If you want to do some changes on server by yourself you can’t do it on shared hosting platform you have to connect to web hosting company for any changes in web server but If you choose dedicated server platform you will be eligible to do any kinds of implementation, file upload and download, manage email in webmail, website backup, database backup and kinds of configuration changes at your end.

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High Protection –

Web security is a primary concern for business and enterprise, sometimes websites get hacked by hackers due to unsecured server gateways, integrated server software and components. On a dedicated hosting server, you can be sure that any security breaches will only be a result of your own actions and not somebody else.

Server Bandwidth –

Before you choose dedicated hosting server with bandwidth, get a proper analysis on how much bandwidth you actually required to have for your websites or applications and then make sure the hosting plan you are choosing, that meets the bandwidth requirement or not. You can also take additional bandwidth with the hosting package.

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Technical Support –

Since you are opting for dedicated web server, it is necessary to let you know the level of technical support from a hosting company. You should choose rated hosting provider that offers outstanding live chat, toll free or email support services 24/7 because you will require them at some time.

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