Data Center Security Trends

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When you seek data center solution provider, security is most important and primary considerations in the mind of potential customers. In order to feel comfortable in outsourcing their important company information, prospects wanted to be ensure that their data – wherever it is hosted – should be protected and monitored in the most secure environment. As a data center, Hello2Hosting guarantee this level of security is established and maintained for all the customers.

Hello2Hosting has observed few trends in the small to medium business space today. Many organisations can benefit by hosting their data to improve their security posture.

1. Upgrading the legacy security platform. A variety of Next Generation firewall platforms are available in the market from last few years. These new platforms have introduced a significant improvement in security capabilities which includes Features like Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention and filtering which makes networks more secure. These are the very basic steps to keep your organisations data secure.

2. Intrusion Detection Systems. Also known as IDS, this feature allows you to watch the traffic coming in and going out of networks. This add-on feature is available with every next generation perimeter security device, such as a firewall. With the help of IDS being used in conjunction with other security checks, also helps you to detect malicious traffic. It can also come in handy when you are trying to trace the steps of an attack.

3. Intrusion Prevention Systems. Primarily known as IPS. When this feature is used in conjunction with IDS it can allow the user to recognize the known attack signatures and block them using in-line algorithm. This is the enforcement behind the IDS. The IPS also eliminates the need of manpower for treating the threat; the IPS is very responsive and aggressive and can block threats automatically based on various policies.

4. URL filtering and Web filtering. This is one area where the potential customer should see while hosting their data. A data center should either provide a dedicated web filter or using next generation firewall. Filtering is a simple way to keep customer data secured and protected from going to unknown malicious sites. Phishing and “Click bait” are very easy ways for attackers to gain access to user information often.

5. Geographical blocking. Geo blocking is a great way for any data center provider which helps to eliminate the risk of the “internet noise”. Regardless of whom you are or what kind of data you have, anyone from another un-trusted network can try to attack you. Blocking the IP range from any un-trusted networks can reduce the attacker population and the user can stay protected and secured.