Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

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Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

We are just few days away from 2nd largest retailing event of the year i.e., Valentine’s Day. In 2017, this day raked more than $905 million in online sales. This day sale is expected to reach $19.6 billion in 2018, so there is opportunity for all online stores to score some sales. According to survey conducted by Discovery Card, men spend average of $127 on their ladies and ladies spend $74. Additionally, 65% people make their purchase one week before February 14. As an online store, you have to face additional challenges during this romantic week until unless you are not selling top 5 most purchased items:

  • Greetings cards – 65%
  • Chocolates – 38%
  • Flowers – 32%
  • This means you have to get creative to take advantage of increased ecommerce sales. Here are few marketing ideas for eCommerce website:

    1. Offer discounts
    One of the easiest ways to drive more sales during this busy shopping period is to engage customers with special promotion offer that will attract them to buy things from you. A sales promotion is often seen in form of hefty discount but there are other options as well that may work better for you. These options may include free shipping, free gift wrapping and more. Banner messages help to increase conversion rates during Valentine’s Day and these promotions have 28% clicks to conversion rate.

    2. Create themed products
    You can take advantage of Valentine’s Day ecommerce sales by giving buyers what they are looking for. People may feel hesitant to buy product for Valentine’s Day, so one way to overcome this concern is by packaging various products together. You can get creative here; have a look at product listings with eye for items that can be combined into better products together.

    3. Switch to logo to show your care
    Add some romantic theme to your company logo. Take a hint from Google and show your creative side. Let your customers know that there are live human beings behind your company. No doubt, it may not increase your sales but it is nice to show your care.

    4. Offer fast shipping
    For any gift, timing matters. Giving someone a gift on February 15 won’t excite as getting it on Valentine’s Day itself. This means that people may worry about products shipping time and that’s why hesitate to click on ‘buy’ button. The best option to overcome this is to make it clear that when customer will receive the gift. You can provide the option of guaranteed delivery on time. Additionally, try to make shipping cost affordable because expensive shipping cost is main reason of cart abandonment. If you can’t afford to provide free shipping on all orders than set free shipping threshold.

    5. Don’t forget single people
    Valentine’s Day is limited to people in relationships. According to stats, people also spend money on pets, classmates, friends and co-workers. This opens door to array of possibilities and you don’t have to worry about romantic products only. Additionally, more than half of customers will not celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is best opportunity to encourage single shoppers to treat themselves and offer discounts.

    6. Reach out through email
    Among oodles of marketing channels, email is most reliable way to increase sales for any business. This is method of accessing personal channel and recipients are almost guaranteed to see it. Send out emails that act as easiest path to increase conversion.

    7. Provide matching couple’s sets
    Almost all loves couple that matches. So, sell two of products together on discounted rates. The products may include t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more with few words written on them.

    On the ending note, Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. Think about audience and what gifts are most appropriate for them on Valentine’s Day and create marketing campaign based on it.