Benefits of Reseller Hosting That May Change Your Perspective

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Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Web hosting is crucial for any business who wants to make presence on internet. Hosting can be broadly categorized into reseller, shared and dedicated hosting. Out of these hosting services, reseller hosting is a plan that enables account holder to resell web hosting services and here is where word ‘resell’ comes from. The reseller can sell bandwidth and space from rented server. It is most cost-effective method to host sites on internet.

Reseller hosting is one of the most popular hosting options in today’s business and all about flexibility, affordability and reliability. It allows to maintain and create small business together with income generation. Things are not that simple when dealing with this hosting technique, as it requires basic and clear information of hosting services. It provides array of benefits and few of them are given below:

1. Lower cost and expenses
Its hosting packages provide end number of resources while keeping expenses low. It is similar to purchasing products from wholesaler where buyers can get bulk at lower price. Additionally, you have to reasonable investment without any expensive servers like dedicated servers, etc. Furthermore, you don’t have to hire highly paid resources to handle server jobs, because parent company will take care of all these needs.

2. No maintenance hassle
Instead of purchasing own server, reselling plan is similar to have own dedicated server with one major important difference. Clients don’t have to worry about complicated server issues as technical support department will help to fix those glitches.

3. Complete control over resources
The reseller plans allow to control disk space usage, thus allowing to control and manage all aspects of website. It also offers you advantages of more space at low price rate and low maintenance. Some additional features include bandwidth limits, better control over disk storage, etc. Businesses can profit through this as they can have their sites available when required without compromising on disk space.

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4. Generating income
Acting like a middleman means that, one gets some commission when new customers purchase accounts from the parent host through them. This allows reseller to earn money as well. Most people don’t even know whether their host is a reseller or the original host, as the reseller company may have its own staff to handle their customer needs. Fret not, the reseller company also ensures better experience for customers.

5. Array of features than the basic plans
Hosting providers make sure that reseller has control over their services and customer’s accounts. Having full control over one’s service allows reseller to create their own store that has categories of web hosting products. This hosting option allows reseller to have access to customer’s information that includes contact details, billing method and more.

6. Access to control panel
Parent hosting companies such as Hello2Hosting provide access to control panel to reseller to manage everything with ease. For Linux, you will get cPanel/WHM panel and for Windows, you can accept to get Plesk Panel access. It depends on reseller whether to provide control panel to customers or not.

In the nutshell, while choosing hosting service, consider two main things- about the parent web hosting company and cost of services. It is parent company that takes care of technical knowledge to users. Therefore, it is important that company should handle all matters of end users to secure reputation and business of reseller.