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Zimbra Email Solution

Choose Zimbra email hosting from Hello2Hosting for secure, high performance and fastest email communication process. Our enterprise class Zimbra email solution help you to improve business productivity.

hello2hosting zimbra Email Solution
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Improve your business productivity through
Enterprise Class Open Source Zimbra Email Hosting

Collaborative features of proprietary mailing solutions like Exchange, Lotus are very costly and can't be afforded by every company, but today Open Source has allowed companies to use collaborative solution in a very cost effective way tools like Zimbra.

What You will Get With Our Economical
Zimbra Email Hosting

Say no to Licenses

When numbers of users grow, taking license for every user becomes challenging. Open Source takes care of the growing needs of any business, without having to worry about licensing. It is always a onetime investment and lifelong solution where there is no limitation for number of users.

Not Resource Hungry

Email solution on qmail, postfix and zimbra are not resource hungry application, so it leaves the server to use its resources for other application which is not in case of other email products like Exchange.

Administration Tools

There are many integrated tools like content filtering, log analysis, MRTG traffic graphs etc which can be beneficial for daily system administrators jobs.

Wide Range of e-mail Clients

Typically with any email solution, the user is provided with a very few options with e-mail clients .In modern world of open source technology many email clients are available for organisation and users to have wide range of choice which are web based and can be accessed with any web browser easily irrespective of the operating system, where as in case of product like Ms-Exchanges you are bound to use exchange client or outlook which are platform dependent.

Fully Customizable

The solutions offered by Hello2Hsoting are fully flexible and customizable according to the daily changing email requirements.

Robust in nature

Since email hosting has become the back-bone of any business, it require fast, scalable and fault tolerance systems for the email application, to enable such features, operating system is used for the email application server plays a critical role. Open source mailing solution like Zimbra and Q-mail are based on UNIX and LINUX operation system and these OS are very much dependable and capable to handle any kind of high traffic, hosting email in these applications are highly adaptable.

Open source Zimbra Email Server Hosting can also be availed
from Hello2Hosting either by dedicated or shared hosting models.

Specifications Basic Value Business
  USD 119.95 per month
(Other Email Providers 155.94/m)
USD 239.90 per month
(Other Email Providers 292.68/m)
USD 479.80 per month
(Other Email Providers 580.56/m)
Zimbra Emails 50 100 200
Zimbra User Disk Space 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB
Zimbra Email Aliases 100 200 Unlimited
Major Zimbra Features Yes Yes Yes
Zimbra Phone Support Yes Yes Yes
Zimbra Address Book On Demand On Demand On Demand
Zimbra Global Address Book 200W 300W 400W
Zimbra Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Zimbra Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Zimbra Documents Yes Yes Yes
Zimbra Briefcase Yes Yes Yes
Email Features
Email Accounts 50 100 200
Auto Responders 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Forwarders 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Premium Email Anti-Virus (Best in Industry -- 99.9%) Yes Yes Yes
Premium Email Anti-Spam (Best in Industry -- 99.9%) Yes Yes Yes
Webmail Yes Yes Yes
SMTP Yes Yes Yes
POP3 Yes Yes Yes
IMAP Yes Yes Yes
Conversations Yes Yes Yes
Mail Filters Yes Yes Yes
Out of Office Reply Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Zimbra Hosting Features
Polling Interval Control Yes Yes Yes
Basic Search Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Search Yes Yes Yes
Tags Yes Yes Yes
Sharing (Tasks, Documents, Calendars) Yes Yes Yes
Zimlets Yes Yes Yes
Resource Group Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
AJAX Documents Yes Yes Yes
  USD 119.95 per month USD 239.90 per month USD 479.80 per month

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