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Colocation at Hello2Hosting means flexibility, high security, reliability, connectivity and better infrastructure. Client will not only get space with data centres but other services as well such as bandwidth, power and more.

Hello2hosting Rackspace Colocation
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what is

when any company have thier own servers and chooses to colocate owned equipments within third party physical server space provider other than renting space with thier hosting services providers. a colocation provider will not only provide space with a datacenters but will also offer services like power, bandwidth, IP addresses with cooling space for those servers as well, which will be required by client at the time of server deployment.

Advantages of
Rendering such service:

Access to higher level of bandwidth in comparison with usual office server rooms

Reduce Network Posponment

Increased Reliablity


24/7 attention of service providers for resolving issues

Control over unprotected, mantaining and configuring clients servers


Server Colocation

Server colocation refers to a process of arranging and hosting an organisations preowned servers within a managed datacenter services provoder. it assist an organisation to manage and control their servers with existing IT facilitator or datacenter in other words servers remain the property of customer but will managed and controlled by the managed cloud service provider in order to utilize advanced IT support services without facing heavy operational costs.

At Hello2Hosting we not only provide space and storage but will also go an extra mile in providing awesome, round the clock support to customers. as we have 24/7 on-site plus on-call support, you can rest rely upon us whenever your enterprise incounter any server-related issues, we are just a phone call and chat away to resolve problem in most effective and efficient manner.

Rackspace Colocation

We have experienced this many times that sometimes organisations prefer to maintain considerably level of control for thier various applications and dont want to slow down by the complexities of traditionl colocation so in order to reduce such problems Rackspace provides managed colocation. managed rackspace colocation provide clients the expected level of control plus customer support team to deliberately manage clients configuration.

Notable Highlights of our rackspace colocation services:
  • 24*7*365 Client support via call and chats
  • Managed infrastructure
  • Server security (surveillance cameras, guards)
  • Managed environment along with complete framework and logistics network management
  • Potential to cages including conditioned power, battery and power generator backups, network connections backed up bt service level agreements(SLAs)

By choosing Hello2hosting's
Colocation services you can be assure of following:

Bandwidth Availability

Bandwidth is the most important factor for both customer and datacenters. from customer's part, customer require fast and dependable data transfer for their web hosting needs so in relevance with customer satisfaction we at hello2hosting provide quick, hassle-free brousing to customer's sites. in short we deliver an ultimate package that combines speed, reliablity and efficiency with our very high performance multihomed network.

Transparency with remote hand pricing

Remote hands refers to labor provided to physical work, for example racking new servers, installing RAM, needed hird drive changes etc and these all services are included with the plan only that means one do not have to pay extra for utilising such services. At hello2hosting we strongly believe the fact developing a relationship with our clients this is why we provide our clients with a wide range of complementry remote hand rervices along with 24/7 support system.

Adjustable to customers flexible needs:

At hello2hosting we provide services as per customer's requirements this is why we offer to customize client's colocation space as the see to fit. our colocation offers include single server, quarter rack, half rack and full rack space. customer's business is valuable to us in every aspect, and it is our main objective is to provide the neccessary flexibility for ultimate client's satisfaction.


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